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Hello, Ben Murray here, and welcome to our site. VirtualPioneer.com is the place where entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches, consultants, and more go to learn about the best marketing tools online and how to better succeed with them in their business.

We provide special discounts on top tools, detailed reviews, free content, and additional bonus training for tools and tactics we believe in for new, medium, and advanced entrepreneurs and marketers.

Our content comes not just from myself, but from other proven entrepreneurs and marketers who have been featured on such sites like Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Week, New York Times, and many others.

Aren’t there already tons of marketing blogs?

These days, the internet is saturated with content and countless ‘how to’ articles, especially in the marketing/internet marketing niche.

The truth is, the world doesn’t need another marketing blog spewing out constant information on what you should or should not do to have success.

After listening to our audience and the audience of other sites, blogs, and forums, we found that people don’t want more content shoved down their throats from more marketing ‘gurus’.

They just want a tool that actually works and does the heavy lifting for them.

If you think about it, what would you rather have? More SEO theories and blogs on how to rank or an affordable tool (or set of tools) that shows you specifically what you should do to have success and may even do it for you?

If we look throughout history, content and knowledge often consolidates into software and tools. Over the next few years, advanced marketing and analytics tools you never imagined possible will pop up and essentially be mandatory to use to ensure success. (Just think of how the computer and smart phone have changed the way you work.)

Of course, there will always be a need to know how to implement tools and general strategy, but software and technology is going to continually replace most of our daily work and marketing needs like it has been doing rapidly over the last decade.

That’s where Virtual Pioneer comes in.

We’re the store for entrepreneurs and marketers because we help consolidate the tons of information out there by reviewing the best tools and tactics to help beginning, medium, and advanced marketers have success.

Not only do we blog and review products, but we provide additional training and bonuses to help you get the most success from it possible. This isn’t private label rights stuff you see most marketing blogs giving away, but actual training compiled by me or a qualified expert to help you have success.

What kind of products and tactics do we review and talk about?

First off, we believe the value of a tool or tactic is subjective to its user. Meaning a new  $7 WordPress plugin may be highly valued and something that transforms a failed new marketer’s blog into a successful one. But, at the same time  it may be essentially worthless to someone more advanced with a bigger budget.

That’s why we review and blog about a variety of tools and tactics for new to more experienced entrepreneurs. We blog about and review venture funded tools, bootstrapped tools, WordPress tools, popular tools launched on places like JVZoo.com or Clickbank.com, free or ‘freemium’ tools, expensive tools, and more.

It’s important to note, we only spend time sharing tools or tactics that I deem quality enough to share. We don’t waste time promoting things in which their is a very low success rate, don’t do what they claim, or are simply not coded properly.

Who’s Ben Murray?


profileIf you haven’t guessed yet, I’m the founder of this site, and have experience working with a variety of marketing tools and program each day being a full-time entrepreneur and business owner.

I’ve been able to successfully start both ‘offline’ based businesses including one involving piano technology and repair, as well as digital software business.

You can see from one of my PayPal statement accounts below, I’ve been able to bring in almost 200K in sales in just one quarter.


And these are snapshots of various accounts detailing affiliate commissions or products I have launched.



I don’t really like to brag or try to be some sort of blogging media superstar, but I do have to show you that I have had some sort of success with online marketing tools and knowledge in different ‘niches’ or markets.

However, this isn’t a blog that’s going to yell at you to hustle and work harder. I’m more about cutting back hours and working more efficiently to help myself and you design the lifestyle you want, whether that’s going on ‘mini’ retirements, spending more time with your family, or the freedom to work on what you’re most passionate about.

No, I personally am not a multi-millionaire flying around on a private jet and and don’t really aspire to that. I’d rather work comfortable hours from my home than put in ‘start-up’ hours to scale a business past the 8 figure mark.

Online marketing and my businesses have, however, been able to help me pay for a new house, new car, and provided me the ability to work when I want and on what I want.

If you are in fact someone who aspires to get to the 8 figure level, than I hope these tools and trainings I talk about help you reach that.

I’m here to provide my experience and knowledge to help you succeed the best I can, but I certainly don’t know everything about marketing and scaling businesses. That’s why I often have proven contributors on this site or webinars who are experts in the fields they talk about to help you get the most value possible.

Why Was This Site Created?

The Virtual Pioneer site, newsletter, and community was created because innovation and entrepreneurship are the ultimate solutions to solving the many problems that we all face around the world.

The more we can educate new entrepreneurs, marketers, etc., the better off we all will be.

This site also is here to help me as much as it is to help you. As a serious business owner, it’s important to keep up on the latest tools and tactics so I am learning as much as you by investing and trying out new tools and tactics.

That being said…

Are you a digital entrepreneur/marketer with an amazing business or some awesome advice you want to share with our readers?

This site is currently looking to share amazing new products and content from expert marketers and entrepreneurs who have something awesome to share.

If you want to contribute to the blog, or have a product you want us to share with our subscribers, then go here and send me an email.

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Our team only sends information that I myself would use on my very own businesses and we are NOT in the business of selling your personal information or spamming you with offers to buy I don’t believe in.

Finally, what do you want to learn about?

This site is all about helping you succeed with online business. Since that’s the case, what’s something YOU want to learn about or do? 

Send email me at virtualpioneer88 at gmail dot com and let me know what you’re struggling with or something you really want to do. 

Your feedback goes into what tools and tactics are talked about here, so don’t be shy. 

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