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No cool story. 55 lbs Jan-May. Going to see where this takes me.

Before and After Nothing special. Was just super fucking depressed, hurt all the time, and sick of taking medications. I can now ride my motorcycle again and don't hate myself as much. It gets easier and I have been managing to eat keto even while out with my club. Keep at it guys. I never…

Body by bacon: Face gains, man-boob gains, belly gains… 330lbs -> 195. Laziest keto possible, zero working out, lots of natural medicine, and good vibes… not much else… [NSFW] [Pics]

Haters gon' hate... I'd like to pour a little liquor out for the hens and hogs that gave up their saucy wings and salty bellys for me to lose mine.. EDIT1: Shit, ok... Obligatory RIP my fuggin inbox. I'll come back and respond to stuff in a bit, I'm weedeating and there's not much sun…

Thank you /r/Keto for changing my mother’s life. 8 months and down 36 pounds. 190 to 154

Last summer I turned my mom on to Keto and this subreddit. So far she is down 36 pounds and I could not be happier for her. Thank you so much for such an amazing community. We appreciate you. Here is a progress pic. https://m.imgur.com/a/BFgdb85 Read More

Thanks to Keto I fit my dream wedding dress perfectly! (Pics)

Down 47 lbs thanks to Keto - never would have imagined I could pull off this style wedding dress!!!! my dream wedding dress come to life! I can’t wait to rock this down the aisle in just 39 days! If any one is interested in my story on how Keto helped me lose weight, I…

When your head hasn’t caught up with your changes.

It's hard to notice the changes in yourself when you see yourself every day (obviously, because you are you! 🤯) I started Keto on the 9th of April 2018 at 68.7 kgs (151.4 lbs) I think its worth noting that I'm quite short (5'1") I'm currently 63.2 kgs (139.3 lbs) at a loss of 5.5kgs…