The Best Business Quotes, Motivational Quotes, and Motivational Videos

Sometimes things get hard running your own business and running your life.

Shiny objects come along that distract us from what we need to work on, major events happen in our lives which throughs our game off, or sometimes we lose touch with the real reasons we started doing something ie:┬ástarting our own project, building a […]

The Best Social Media Marketing Courses & Books

Right now there are thousands and even millions of posts, discussions, and training on social media marketing.

That’s not good if you’re interesting in finding true, quality information and training when it comes to really learning how to use social media the right way to market your business.


Because 99% of that information is either outdated, […]

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How to Get More Traffic

Step 1. Create EPIC Content
Step 2. Optimize Your Post
Step 3. Utilize Social Media
Step 4. Make Use of Influencers
Step 5. Bookmarking, Syndication, and Aggregation
Step 6. Repurposing Your Content
Step 7. Make Use of Paid Advertising
Step 8. Respond and Interact with Those who Shared and Commented.

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