Are you an entrepreneur with an amazing business or have awesome content you want to share with our subscribers and readers?

Or simply have a question for Ben Murray and the VP team?

If so, contact us using the form below to contribute to the blog to submit a question or send an email to virtualpioneer88 at gmail dot com.

The VP team is looking for quality unique guest posts including unique videos, infographics, or any sort of content that helps new marketers and entrepreneurs get their message heard and acted on. For more information on this see the guidelines below.

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Guest Contribution Guidelines

Virtual Pioneer is seeking UNIQUE guest articles or videos 500 words + on the following topics:
entrepreneurship (how to run a business, how to start a business, ideas to start a business…) marketing, (including SEO, video, email, social media, etc. or how your product or service can help our readers out in marketing) productivity/motivation, and case studies about all topics listed above.

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t need to write a detailed 2000+ word post an analytical systems to provide value to our readers. Many readers are just starting out so if in doubt, keep it simple (but still with enough information for users to find value and share the content).

ALSO we are here to inspire our readers to take action and share our stuff. Try to avoid  boring, mind-numbing content like ‘how to use twitter to get more traffic’ that has been posted thousands of times. There are always unique angles to take in a different voice.

If your not sure if your topic is a good fit or has already been done, please contact us by emailing with subject line ‘Guest Post’.

When contacting please include the following information…

1. The draft or final post you are submitting in a Word doc. If you don’t have one then a detailed description of what you intend to write.

2. Your name, contact information, and a link to your community/website. We need this because Virtual Pioneer aims to publish content by proven entrepreneurs and influencers so we need to know you are a credible source.

3. If your post is accepted, please be willing to share it via social accounts and email lists if possible. We want to facilitate a conversion with our own readers (who we will be sharing the content with) that will help them learn more and grow.

To submit your idea or post… please email with subject ‘Guest Post’