Interested in Writing for Us?

Guest Posting Guidelines

Virtual Pioneer is a rapidly growing site with thousands of subscribers already, many which actively buy marketing products online.

We are looking for a few, high-quality bylined ‘how to’ style articles or list posts to share on our website, with our email newsletter, through social media, and more centered around marketing tools and their use.

To write for us, you need to be an expert on the topic you’re writing about or have proof/validation that what you’re writing about will actually help our followers get their message out.

We are looking for marketing tool articles like…

“7 Tools to Increase Social Media Engagement”

“The Best Places to Go to Find Images to Use in Your Blog”

not a full blown promotion of your product.

To submit a post…

Email virtualpioneer88 at gmail dot com with the subject ‘Guest Post’ and several potential headlines around your topic. Please remember to include links back to your blog and social media channels.

If your not sure if your topic is a good fit or has already been done, please contact us by emailing virtualpioneer88 at with subject line ‘Guest Post’.

We are aiming for at least 500 words to 3000 words.

Do You a Have New Product You Want Us to Promote to Our Newsletter?

Right now, we typically do not promote information products for many reasons, but if you think yours is extremely high quality with timeless information in it you can submit it for review as well.

When submitting, please include the following…

  • All information regarding the product including JV access where our team can test it out.
  • Your launch dates and pricing of the product including if you do webinars or plan on doing a webinar.
  • Your copy/sales page
  • Any special and exclusive deals, coupons, etc. you can give to us.

If you’re submitting a program you wrote that will be sold through, please realize we disregard 99% of these products unless they are very high quality with actual proof of results.


For other Questions and Comments…

Please email virtualpioneer88 at gmail dot com.