Have you ever spent hours, weeks, and maybe even months creating an amazing product that when you went to launch it never made any money?

Or maybe it was a great software product that took months of development, but when it came out, even getting anyone interested in hearing about it seemed like a monumental task.

This has happened to me before and after stopping by some marketing forums and communities, is happening to a lot of other online entrepreneurs and marketers.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create an info product, software product, or even a physical product that you know before creating it major players in your industry would promote it and it would be guaranteed to sell like crazy?

Well, keep reading because in this post we’re going to dive into some ways to do exactly that.

Please note:

There’s a lot that goes into creating a product whether it’s an information one, software, or physical. Let this be more of a starting point or road map toward creating a successful product and if you want more elaboration, comment at the bottom.

What kind of products do influencers get behind and customers pay for?

I remember once working months of an info product, then approaching major players in the industry to ‘launch’ it and being turned down by every single one and not understanding why.

See, if the potential influencer or JV you’re after is truly an influencer in their industry, then they need to be adding constant value to their community and promoting something that’s going to erode that is out of the question, no matter how much you’re charging or how big it is.

However promoting and sharing something that’s truly going to benefit their industry and get their subscribers excited is a must to promote because they need to stay on top of the most important and beneficial tools and information available to date.

Unfortunately this is where the process breaks down for so many marketers and businesses online when it comes to getting big partners on board and even getting anyone to buy their stuff.

Their product doesn’t really add any value to the influencers list, doesn’t solve any pressing issues, and isn’t unique or is positioned uniquely in the market place.

Let’s take a step back.

As humans, we often learn by emulating one another or people who we want to be like

The same goes for businesses. We often emulate or even copy so to speak other successful products and software we see other marketers having success with, then wonder why our launch wasn’t anywhere as successful as their s or why the affiliates that promoted their courses don’t want to participate in ours.

How to Create a Product That Will Sell

To make sure your product is one people will actually buy and influencers will put their name behind, there are really two ways to go, one much better than the other.

1. Create a product a step better than everything else out there. 

First, is to take a look at the products you’re creating and the other competing products in the industry that are like it, and make sure whatever your promoting is really the best and is noticeably better than anything put out yet.

For instance if trying to market an SEO training program, to ever get the hope of influencers to promote your product and people to even be interested in purchasing, your course needs to have the most up to date information, best practices that work, and is broken down in a way for the specific consumer you’re target can digest the information and put it into action easily.

Just take a look at your industry and make sure whatever your going to create includes better ways to do things, more up to date information, more quality information, or is presented in a way that makes the information easier to understand than anyone else’s.

Just putting out ‘another course’, ‘another book’, or another software product out there and trying to make up for the lack of value in sales copy, JV prizes, PR, or high pressure sales tactics doesn’t work anymore.

There is too much content on the web now and too many things asking for your prospect’s attention for them to care.

1. Create an ‘industry disrupter product’ that solves a specific pain or desire in your target market

The next, and really the best thing to do if you want to really solve an issue people will give you money for and the top guys in your industry to promote your product, especially if you’re a nobody’ is to create an industry disrupter product, or something new that satisfies a specific need in your industry that other products, software, etc. can’t fulfill or haven’t tried to yet.

This isn’t another, better course, or another better software product, but something unique that doesn’t really mimic anything else put out in the industry yet.

Creating a true ‘industry disrupter’ product isn’t necessarily easy however, and creating one doesn’t guarantee a big payday as well. There is a lot of new WordPress plugins, products, courses that are technically unique and industry disrupters, but in truth don’t solve a pain that customers really want to pay for.

Perhaps you’ve done this yourself, where you created a brand new course or product that was truly unique to your industry, but could get any JV’s behind it and couldn’t get anyone in general to buy.

What you need to do is make sure there is excellent product to market fit before approaching any significant influencer with your product.

Oh and don’t bother to try and pretend there is or your new invention really solves customers issues, because guys at the top who have been in your niche or industry longer than you will see right through it.

Customer Research and Finding Specific ‘Pains’ and ‘Desires’

So how do you create a product that customers will really want to buy and JVs will really want to get behind?

Well, it starts with doing customer research in your niche to find the true pain points people need solves that other products aren’t solving or need to be solved better.

Think about it.

If you were designing a SaaS product for say doctors, you wouldn’t ‘guess’ as to what features you would put in it unless you have vast experience of being a doctor yourself. To make something truly valuable, you’d have to interview them and have them beta test it over time to create something they will truly open their wallet and pay you for.

You need to do with not just with software, but what your information products if you want someone big to actually promote it.

The very best way to actually target our potential customers and find the pain they are willing to pay to get solved, or the desire as well, is to actually talk with some one on one. This should be through a 20-40 minute consultation.

Here’s how you can find your potential customers, see what they are talking about, and ultimately have that important consultation or conversation with them to develop something unique.

Probably the easiest place of all is social media on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Just join a group relating to your market whether it’s a G+ group, a Facebook group, and start talking. Get in the trenches and message people specifically who have asked a question relating to what you’re going to be selling or appear to be associated with that industry.

You can even just type in the query right into the search such as typing “I need paleo diet help” into Twitter and checking out the latest tweets associated with this question.


Getting started is a simple as that.

If you have some money to spend, then put up some targeted social media ads and begin collecting email addresses. Just set up some ads targeting twitter or Facebook accounts relating to your market, and send them to a lead capture page giving away some information you think they may be searching for in exchange for their email or contact information.

Then you can message them personally and gather more info on who they are, and what exactly they want to hear from you about their issue.

Don’t worry about losing money here on ads. The important thing to remember about all this is one hour of testing saves 10 in the long run.

So, if you 10 hours worth of quality testing on your product to make sure it will have quality product market fit, you will save 100 hours of work trying to beg JVs to help you launch it when you go to do that.

Dont be worried if you lose some money on Facebook ads to talk to a few potential customers on what issues they are having. It will be well worth the money in long run when it comes time to present your solution to potential partners.

If you have an email list, you can simply send an email asking your subscribers if someone wants to do a free 30 minute consultation about X topic.

You can also browse question and answer sites like Quora.com.


To use Quora, just go to the site, type in your question, and check out the related questions people are asking. Then click the stats for the question and there you can actually message individual users to provide them more information on the topic they want answers to.

Another great way is to targeted forums people are contributing and asking questions in.

Just do a simple Google search for your keyword “Forum” or install the discussions tab for Google chrome and search google by discussions happening recently.



By downloading this plugin, you can search google for your keyword and only bring up discussions happening around that keyword.

discussion copy

Maybe the best way of all, is simply just to email your target prospect whether it be a local business, a blogger, or just a social media user with a short one email saying:

Subject: Question?

Hello X,

I’m doing some research regarding problems in X niche and was curious to hear the biggest frustrations you’re having or something that’s wasting a lot of time in your business.

If you could reply back, even with just one sentence that would be amazing!


Ben Murray

Then, once they reply, there’s your chance to respond back further and learn more about the pain their having and trying to solve in their business.

Once you finally have a few potential clients to talk to, you need to set up a call or Skype session to talk with them one on one for at least 20 minutes.

How do you get them to take time out of their schedule to talk to you?

First make it seem as though you’re not here to market to them or sell them anything, but simply here to answer some of their questions and provide any feedback you have found that may help them.

Be open and honest.

It’s ok to tell them you’re an entrepreneur looking to develop a solution to X problem and you’d be happy to share for free the information you’ve found already to help them solve their issue or pain and is it ok to set up a quick chat to ask them a few questions.

Or that you already have a solution and you are doing some further research about your market and would love to provide your solution free of charge to them in exchange for a brief phone call.

During the call you need to make sure to highlight the major questions you need answers to and make sure to address them in the conversation or however you’re getting data.

Usually, The most important include…

What are my target customers demographics?

What’s the big problems frustrating them?

How I address these concerns?

What do I need to know to convince them and market to them?

Once you have found a potential customer to target, you should then…

Ideally have a 20-40 minute talk with them not about your solution, but the issues they are having and questions they want answered to.

Make sure never to ‘lead the witness’ or suggest your product or business solutions to them before they clearly define their issues.

For instance if your in the weight loss niche, listen to what specifically problems they are having with weight loss and then listen to what they have to say. Ask your questions and don’t interrupt them, let them go through their thoughts and tell you what they want and what they think they really need.

Weight Watchers did customer analysis and found that yes people want to lose weight, but one of the biggest fears they had about dieting was that they would never be able to eat cake or food they really love. They wanted to lose weight, but still eat cake, so therefor a solution was developed to allow them to eat sweets but still lose weight as well.

How do you know when you’ve hit on a pain point or desire? After you keep hearing the same sentences over and over.

Only then, once you feel like you are in a loop and keep getting the same answers over and over, you can present your potential solution and get feedback from it

To truly validate your products worth in the eyes of your potential customer, ask for money to use it upfront. Many people will be nice and tell you your product is great and would work, but when it comes time to exchange money. It may turn out that’s not the solution they truly want which in that case, you need to find out the objections they are having or will have.

Then, put this money toward development of the product.

You can even charge for these consultations as well, and put that money toward product creation too. Also, it will put pressure on your clients who are consulting with you to deliver quality information that’s really going to help themselves in the long run since they are paying you actual money for this.

If you’re not ready to take money for the product yet, at least ask them the most they would be comfortable paying for such a service or if they would pay at all.

If it turns out your end product isn’t really addressing the real issues they are having, or if your prospect doesn’t have the funds or time to use your end solution, then you know this is the wrong prospect to target. And ultimately you don’t want to spend time developing a solution to present it to customers and influencers and have them turn it down because it doesn’t really solve a need after the question you about it.

 Make Sure the Product Looks High Quality, Too

Finally, you need to make sure your product doesn’t just solve a need or desire in your targeted niche market if you want big players to promote it, but make sure it looks high quality as well.

We’ve actually covered a lot of ‘lean startup methodology’ techniques in here as far as focusing on a pain people will pay you for before creating the solutions, but if you do want influencers to put their name behind it, it needs to at least look like it’s in a finished state and isn’t just in an ‘MVP’ or minimum viable product state (even if it sort of is).

Influencers in your industry will often just glance over a product before ‘tearing it open’ and deciding if they want to promote it, share it, write about it, etc.

It could be amazing, but if it looks like it was thrown together at the last second no one is going to want to put their name behind it.

Whether the product is an information product, software, physical product etc. if you want it to look and be top quality, chances are your going to have to invest money and time into making it that.

If you want the top industry guy to promote for you, it needs to be something they would want to promote themselves and matches the quality of their own products.

Take a look at the top guys in your industry and the quality and style of the products they are putting out.

If they are a big information marketer and only market ‘talking head style videos’ with quality camera and a professional videographer filming them, why would they ever market your course and training that’s done on a powerpoint slide with the built in microphone to your laptop?

Many businesses are afraid to invest money in their product to make it truly A+ quality, but to get the major influencers on board to promote it or blog about it, you’re really going to have to.

Now you don’t have to dip into your savings account or empty your retirement or anything like that, but its amazing how many people will refuse to invest $1000.00 or even $100 dollars into their product,  yet expect their launch to make in the 6 figures.

How would you feel if you were a JV promoting a product and found out that the creator didn’t want to invest any real money into developing the solution and instead just cut corners to make the information product or software come together?

If you did your customer analysis part correctly, you probably already have some money from the consultations and even pre-sells you can put toward getting a quality camera, a good microphone, or renting a videographer if, for instance, you’re creating an info product.

Plus, with the technology coming out today, there is not really any excuse to have a poor looking landing page and product anyway.

There are hundreds of quality freelancers out there now that can do excellent logo design, UI sketches, etc. and services like 99Designs.com or LeadPages.net that do much of the heavy lifting of product and site creation for you at a very high quality.

 Concluding Thoughts

Have you been doing this when designing your own products? This could be for information products, software, plugins, and even physical products as well.

One of the keys to really take away from this is idea of one hour of testing your product saves 10 (and probably more) in the long run of things.

If you’re sort of guessing as to what people will pay for, I suggest you bookmark this page and try some of the tips we went over.

Finally, if you want to learn more about product creation and research let me know! There’s a lot more to dive into than just this post. Also, let me know in the comments if this helped you and what you’re doing as far as product creation online.