I have binge eating disorder. Bad. Like, I gained 50 pounds in 4 months bad. I lost 80 pounds before with quasi-IIFYM and basically starving myself, then put all of it (and a few more pounds) back on.

I started keto on May 9. I've been drinking tons of water (for me, 120 oz or so per day) and having big meals with lots of protein and veggies to start out like you all suggested… and I haven't had a single urge to binge. I used to binge 5 times a week AT LEAST. Now I stop eating when I feel full, and I'm full for HOURS. It's actually fucking with my head – like I'm EXPECTING to binge.

Has anyone else with BED felt like that when they started keto? Don't get me wrong I love it but it's almost too surreal.

I just saw a post where someone was undiagnosed with binge eating disorder and I am so hopeful that's me someday.

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