To do keto better than I have been. I've been noticing my energy levels depleting and feeling crappier than I had in the beginning of starting this woe.

On paper, (or I guess, on MFP) I have been following the guidelines and I have stayed in ketosis for 3 months now.

But, I've noticed the same bad habits and the way I treated SAD food have crept into the way I eat keto food!

Incessant snacking, cravings, needing a treat with meals to "top it off". Tons of alternatives and replacements.

Today I'm getting rid of (or giving away) all of my protein powders, quest bars, fat bombs, jello cups, breads, nuts, sugar and single cheese snacks.

I'm going to focus on REAL food again. Get back to real meals like steak/eggs/spinach and then IF instead of snacking on baked cheese slices, then a quest bar, some low carb bread with peanut butter, oh maybe some bacon later..

Does anyone else think they have fallen into this bad habit and have been favoring the crappier snack parts of keto vs. real food? Does anyone else find themselves snacking vs sitting down once for a good meal? I've got carbs out of the way but its time to eat well again!

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