Recently I’ve had a lot of requests come up about how to do ‘launch jacking’ or make quick affiliate commissions from someone else’s big launch from total scratch. This is a strategy perpetuated around marketing community and there’s a lot of bad information going around.

A lot of it centers around what do you actual say in your ‘launch jacking’ or affiliate review video…

There’s a lot of marketers and even softwares that have come out recently advocating for ‘taking’ someone elses video and trying to pass it off as your own.

Or even worse, simply listing out the benefits of what the product does, never testing it or providing your opinion, and hyping up your video and or email to try and get as many sales as possible.

Aren’t you tired of all the ‘hype’ guys in marketing who are out to only make affiliate commissions and never provide any value? Chances are the answer is YES, which is why most of these hypie guys can’t stay in business for more than a few years before they’ve lost all trust with their buyer.

In my experience, that simply doesn’t work and certainly won’t help you build a real business in the future.

So, I’ve recorded a video on how I would do launch jacking from scratch to not only make money, but provide some real value and start building a business from scratch.



Please watch the training video below for the launch jacking training: